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How to Play Didgeridoo in 9 Weeks!

And improve your well-being

Become more physical fit 

Be mentaly more relaxed 

Enjoy better sleep

Become a better speaker with a stronger voice and presence

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1st Fundamental tone: 

Day 1

2nd Fundamental tone:

Day 2

3rd Fundamental tone: 

Day 3

This Free VIDEO Series Finally Reveals to You the Secrets and Benefits on How and Why to Play the Didgeridoo!

You have heard that continues sound of the didgeridoo. You have heard it can support people that deal with Asthma, Sleep-apnea, Snoring and Stress....

Yet Playing the instrument leaves many Questions unanswered. Like HOW do I get that LONG CONTINUOUS TONE out of that hollow tube? 

Check out this FREE 3 Day Trail: How to Play Didgeridoo in 9 Weeks and Become Better in Breathing. Our Breath Control Academy founder Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij will share the 7 steps you need to know too understand what it takes to play didgeridoo. And How You can Implement the exercises to Enjoy Playing Didgeridoo. 

Tips on how to play the 3 fundamental tones. what kind of mindset it takes to learn to play, how the didgeridoo supports your air, anatomy and mind and experience the fun how to create didgeridoo rhythms. 

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Experience by a Music Teacher

The Didgeridoo is a good tool to experience how you breath. 

Nanne Emilia Vaihinen

The Didgeridoo is a good tool to experience how you breath. I recommend this workshop to be useful for any singer, dancer or musician who wants to work with better breathing. 

by Nanne Emilia Vaihinen 

Music Teacher & Vocalist Finland

“Thank You all lovely friends ❤ I had the most interesting time. Relaxation was so efficient that I slept 5 hours afterwards!!!! And I have trouble sleeping and NEVER sleep daytime..... Thank You Bastiaan and I really, really hope to see You soon again on Hailuoto or Oulu 😍😍😍.

Laulupedagogi bij Oulun kaupunki”

-Mari Klemettilä


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Bastiaan is a patient and approachable teacherThanks to his long experience, he has a lot of knowledge and he is able to give it forward.

With the help of Bastiaan`s tutoring, I found my motivation again, got back to practicing and have advanced rapidly. I purchased a Carbony Slide Didgeridoo from Bastiaan and it has been a great solution for me. I am happy to recommend Anthony if you need any help, advice or inspiration in the didgeridoo world.

Petri Sirén 

Entrepreneur at Tmi Petri Sirén


Henna Palmunen Thank you for your superb presentation and inspiring speech. It immediately helped not only me (and other attenders) but also my clients 🙂 Only wished duration of your presentation was longer!

Henna Palmunen 

Psycholoog & Speech therapist


Meet the best didgeridoo master I have ever met!

Annelies Saman

Yoga docent and Breath coach bij Saman Yoga en Adem - Dordrecht, South Holland Province, Netherlands

You want this, if you’re looking for program for a “Team Spirit” -day or something a bit “out of box” for a coaching day. Or just a fun night with friends! Warm recommendations!

Bastiaan held a Didgeridoo workshop for the Filosofian Akatemia team (15 prs.). It was a perfect activity to start our Christmas Party: new thoughts about good breathing (and good life), tools for our people to cope with stress, breathing techniques for public speakers and trainers, and above all, experimenting with the Didgeridoo. Useful and fun! And Bastiaan himself was a good showman and wonderful personality! 🙂

Karoliina Jarenko 

Director of Content at

Filosofian Akatemia Oy Finland

Bastiaan brought the active music making back in my life in a way I could not have imagined. I used to play the family of recorders and was stuck to playing mostly barocque music as that is the time of the recorders. Ultimately I stopped playing after 30 years. And now about 10 years later I got re-introduced to a wind instrument, but one that flies: the Native American Flute. What a great instrument. Easy to fly with from the heart. 

Bastiaan ensures that the technique is there but stimulates you to create music from the heart and his enthusiasm brings you further and further ………………

Thank you Bastiaan!

Yolande van der Weerd

Risk Management Coordinator at DSM Food Specialties – The Hague Area, Netherlands

An enthusiastic and empathetic didgeridoo teacher, who makes sure that you enjoy blowing away your stress. My asthma has also decreased considerably due to playing

Wim Brassé

Teacher in Dutch language ROC Monderiaan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Thanks to @Bastiaan and the group! It was a "jaw-dropping" experience. 😀 I'm feeling very relaxed and having more insight every time I do this for even 10 minutes.

– Eero Karvonen, Composer and Hailuoto board member organisation